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X2EAD is Unicode character number 11949, KanjiRadical

X2EAD can be pronounced as "shimesuhen" (しめすへん) and refer to a religious ceremony ("altar, festival, religious service") [1]

X2EAD is easy fo confuse [2] with
X30CD (KatakanaNe), this confusion is not recognized [3], and
X793B [4], KanjiLiberal



Up to year 2021, no general standard for the default fonts of Japanese characters is established. The graphical implementation of character depends on the software.

Here is how looks at your computer:

Here is how it looks at Macintosh:

Here is how it looks at the Unicode Utilities [2], observed from Macintosh:

Here is how it looks at the Unicode Utilities [2], observed from Linux:


In various operational systems, the support of Japanese characters is poorly implemented. In particular, with the default font, the image of looks similar to images of other characters.

Characters X2EAD , X30CD , X793B are easy to confuse. Even a native Japanese speaker, looking at , , is unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2EAD?
Which of them is X30CD?
Which of them is X793B?

For such a case, the correct specification of a character is

"X2EAD or X30CD or X793B "

Term JapanNe is suggested for such a case, as a substitute of the (long and complicated) construction above. Such a term has sense until some default font be established, that would allow, in particular, character X2EAD to appear the same at various computers, but look different from other characters; in particular, different from and .


The KanjiAlive [1] suggests the following description of :

altar, festival, religious service
a variant of (しめす) Important

Here is the description of sited:

altar, festival, religious service しめす

In such a way, character X2F70 is declared to be synonym of .


X2F70 [5]

According to the descriptions in dictionaries, the following characters also have close related meanings:
X2F18 , X535C , X5360 , X6613 , XF9E0


Meister des Aachener Altars 001.jpg Avvakum by Myasoyedov.jpeg StalinistsMarch.jpg SovietFascism372-960x460.jpg Popy234482.jpg MedvedevPutinSposes.jpg Skrepy39d581cc266a8960.jpg PopSatana164753.jpg Istockphoto-1132025839-612x612.jpg PriemPion7612.jpg Pray68181200e3ff.jpeg Shinto-monks-Shinto-Fushimi-Inari-Shrine-Kyoto-Japan.jpg SmirenieGun.jpg Ruda12986779.jpg ReligionMasianiaFragment.jpg


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