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Hypocritical art is term, introduced in TORI to simplify consideration of term Pornography.

Hypocritical art is branch of art, that avoids representation of genetic organs of humans and animals, and avoids representation of sexual activity.

"Art" of Hypocticy

Term Hypoctitical art should not be confused with term "‘art’ of hypocrisy" [1], that refers to skills in misinformation, propaganda.


Hypocritical art appear as antonym of term pornography.

Hypocritical art is branch of art, dedicated to topics, excluded in pornography.

Pornography is branch of art, dedicated to topics, excluded in the Hypocritical art.

Balanced art

General art, that is not restricted by presence nor absence of the sexual content, can be denoted also with term Balanced art, in order to indicate its difference from the Hypocritical art.

Notation "Balanced art" may be not a very good term, but some name is necessary to denote the art in the radical definition, that excludes any possible restrictions.


Hypocritical art appears as propaganda of vestism. The Hypocritical art implies, that humans in sculptures, pictures, movies should be dressed.

Vestism has many branches; they are illustrated with schematic examples in the the gallery below:

Sveta0.106.jpg Svetlana2.091.jpg Svetlana4.101a.jpg Svetlana6.110.jpg Svetlana8.120a.jpg Svetlana9.130b.jpg

The left hand side picture is suggested by Svetlana Ltnnt as example of extremal nudism, oppose of the external vestism (the last picture). In certain sense, both extremes are similar: The extreme left example is not compatible with life; the last example looks to be almost incompatible with life.

The intermediate pictures represent some scale, that indicates, how radical is each kind of vestism. Any vestist considers a style, shown at one of the pictures, above as "acceptable", but qualifies as "extremism" styles, shown in other pictures. In such a way, there are many branches, kinds of vestism, and the pictures above represent the intent to classify these branches quantitatively, indicating, which part of the human body is allowed to be exposed, according to vestism of each kind. Some intermediate pictures can be suggested in order to measure also dispersion of this classification; this dispersion is measure of tolerance and xenophobia, that are important properties of each religion.

The same gradation scale can be applied to Hypocritical art. Such a scale indicates, how much clothes are necessary for each kind of Hypocritical art, in order to measure it, to qualify it with a number. Detailing of such a scheme can be subject of the future research. At the first step, for each kind of vestism and Hypocritical art, it is necessary to collect examples of pics, that the Hypocritical art considers as "barely appropriate", and examples of pics, that the same Hypocritical art considers as "a little bit too explicit".


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