Wreckage of Crimea

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Google map of the Ukranian-Russian border
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Wreckage of Crimea is semi-automatic English translation of the Russian emulation Остов Крым from Vera at samizdat [2]. The translation is copypasted below with minimal TORIfication.

Wreckage of Crimea

01. First Channel RF. Terrorism in Ukraine.
In Ukraine, the terrorist seised the superior power and forced Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament) for the pro-terroristic laws. Many politicians condemn the Ukranian terrorists.

02. First Channel RF. Bandit robberies.
Throughout Ukraine have been mass protests against the seizure of the Verkhovna Rada by the terrorists and lawful expulsion of President Viktor Yanukovych . Communists not only in Ukraine , but also in many other countries have expressed concern about the seizure by terrorists of the residences Andriy Klyuyev, Leonid Pshonka, Viktor Yanukovych and other public figures of Ukraine. Ukrainians protest against the illegal expropriation.

03. First Channel RF.
Throughout Ukraine have been mass protests against the dismantling and vandalization of the monuments of the immortal proletariat leader Vladimir Lenin and other veterans of the glorious era of the USSR. Instead of statues of the great leaders of the Soviet people, the usurpers set monuments of Bandera and other fascists, who had collaborated with the Nazis and fought against the Soviet people. All the people around the world condemn the activities of vandals.

04. First Channel RF.
In Sevastopol, there is a mass rally against the ban on use of Russian language in Ukraine. The protest was picked up in other cities. Particularly active the protests are in Crimea and especially in Sevastopol. Crimea does not accept government usurpers and requires independence. Observers note that the ban on the use of the Russian language is genocide and insult religious feelings of the Russian people. Sveta Ivanova hopes that Ukrainian rusophobes will be severely punished. Rallies in support of the Russian population in Ukraine are also held in many cities of the Russian Federation.

05. The "Other Russia".
Society of Lovers of the Crimean tourism announces the registration of new members. To register in society requires: Name, address and telephone number . E-mail accounts and social networks , Military specialty ( if any) Willingness to travel to the Crimea at the sudden begin of the tourist season.

06. Ministry of Defence of RF.
In the coming weeks, near Taganrog and Taman, the all-Russian military manoeuvres takes place. The purpose of the exercise - training skills of interaction of land, sea, air and amphibious forces. Chief of the Staff notes that preparation for the manoeuvres advances well.

07. Administration of the President of RF.
Dmitry Peskov categorically rejected the notion that Russia is planning to use the army to put pressure on the government of Ukraine. He confirms, that these manoeuvres will not affect Ukraine and, in particular, sill no disturb the life of the Crimea semi-island. The combined excursuses in the Azov Sea and vicinity takes place at the territory of the Russian Federation and should not be interpreted as preparation of aggression against any country.

08. First Channel RF.
Russian Foreign Ministry confirms the success of diplomatic negotiations with the Ukrainian Ambassador. Leaders of Russia and Ukraine confirmed that there are no conflicts of interest of Russia and those of Ukraine, and it any, they will be resolved exclusively through the diplomatic negotiations.

09. Administration of the President of RF.
Dmitry Peskov, has expressed concern about the military activity on the territory of Ukraine and especially the Crimea. Observers note that in the western part of Ukraine and Crimea deployed air defense system, and the heavy machinery appear at the airports, that can block the airstrips. Peskov said that such actions could be interpreted as a sign of mistrust in the peaceful policy of the Russian Federation.

10. Administration of the President of RF.
Dmitry Peskov, answered questions about the statements of politicians in America and Europe, that Russia should refrain from armed intervention in conflicts in Crimea and south-eastern regions of Ukraine. Peskov said, that fears of Western politicians are absolutely groundless. Peskov confirmed that the Russian Federation has no aggressive plans against Ukraine. Peskov warned against any provocation related statements of foreign politicians.

11. Ministry of Defence of RF.
Today, 15 hours 45 minutes Moscow time, our troops stationed on the coast of the Gulf of Taman, near Kerch Peninsula, were suddenly hit by the artillery fire from the Ukrainian territory. The explosures killed three Russian officers, seven are wounded. Russian troops, having strict orders to avoid provocations, refrained from reciprocal fire.

12. First Channel RF.
Today the territory of the Russian Federation has undergone an unexpected fire from the Ukraine. There are killed and and wounded. Russian Federation suffered considerable material and moral damage. Russian President sent a protest note to the Government of Ukraine in connection with the incident with the proposal to create a commission to investigate the incident to bring guilties to justice. Staff of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine is withdrawn from Kiev to Moscow for consultations. Issuance of Russian visas to Ukrainian citizens suspended.

13. Administration of the President of RF.
In connection with today's fire from the territory of the Russian peninsula of Kerch, in order to prevent recurrence of the incident, Russian President Vladimir Putin had suggested that the Ukrainian Ukrainian troops move out from Kerch Peninsula and vicinity. In order avoid similar incidents, Putin asked also to withdraw deep into Ukrainian territory also the Ukrainian troops are placed in vicinity of Nizhneazovsk, Mariupol and Berdyansk . Dmitry Peskov had criticised the the Ukrainian side. "If the Ukrainian military reject peace initiatives in Russia, we smear the liver of their terrorists on the Crimean mountains", Peskov said .

14. First Channel RF.
The bribed world behind the scenes mercenaries claim that yesterday's terrorist attack, accompanied by loss of human life in the vicinity of Kerch Peninsula and Taman Bay had been performed from the warships. Throughout the territory of the Crimea, and also in many other regions of Ukraine, the mass protests against yesterday's terrorist attack Ukrainian military take place. The demonstrators accuse the Ukrainian militaries. The protests were brutally suppressed by the Ukrainian militia.

15. First Channel of RF.
In many cities of Ukraine and, especially, in Crimea, the cases of violence against Russian citizens and their families are reported. Terrorists have spared neither women nor even young children. World progressive community angrily condemns the terrorist nature of the Ukrainian nationalists.

16. Russian Ministry of Defence of RF.
Today at 3:36 am Moscow time, the Russian settlements located on the peninsula of Kerch undergone massive fire with missiles "grad". Launches were made from the location of the Ukrainian military units stationed on the peninsula of Kerch and the surrounding areas of the Crimea. Result of attack, planned and carried out by the Ukrainian leadership, were the numerous victims, they count many thousands. In addition, the Russian troops near Taganrog undergo the sparse shooting from the side of Ukdanian territoru. Military high command of the Russian Federation is developing a response plan against the ​​Ukrainian terrorists.

17. BBC. Russian-Ukrainian war.
Today the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine begun. This war had been predicted by several observers and widely discussed in press. The possibility of such an invasion had been vehemently denied by many European and American politicians. The Russian tanks swept our the border posts on the international highway Taganrog – Mariupol; and approached Novoazovsk. Now the advance of Russian troops has slowed down, as the entire highway and parallel roads are clogged with burning tanks and armoured vehicles. They are clearly visible from satellites. Russian troops crossed the Kerch Channel and try to get position near city Kerch and town Kostyrin. In Ukraine, the total military mobilisation is announces.

18. First Channel RF.
Russian President Vladimir Putin made statement for the Russian Nation. The President told about the act of aggression by the armoured terrorists supported by the military forces of Ukraine. Especially aggressive are the Ukranian attacks against population of the Crimea peninsula and Novoazovsk. Unprovoked aggressive Ukranian attack on the Crimea and Ukraine Novoazovsk is unprecedented, inhuman act of terror and barbarism. As a result of aggression against the Ukrainian and Crimean Novoazovsk, many civilian people are killed, they count many thousands. Most of the victims of the Ukrainian aggression against and Crimea and Novoazovsk are citizens of the Russian Federation. We will always protect our citizens, everywhere, and all the means that are at our disposal. In response to the firing locations Russian armed forces in Taganrog, Matveyev Kurgan and Telmanovo, as well as in response to an aggressive attack on Ukraine's Crimea, the Russian Federation armed forces begin an anti- terrorist operation to force Ukraine to the peace. "We'll smash the agressor's face", the President said.

19. Voice of America.
The Russian-Ukrainian conflict becomes the full-scale war. The main attacks of the Russian troops go in the directions of Kerch- Feodosiya and Novoazovsk-Mariupol . In particular, the hot tank battles are in Mariupol at the place og Heroes pg Maidan. The downtown of city is completely destroyed. Roads in vicinity of the Soviet-Ukrainian border are clogged with skeletons of burned tanks and armored vehicles. The wide airbattes take place near the Arbatskaya Strekja peninsula and city Feodosia. Hundreds planes are reported at each side. The mobile missiles ground-air launched from the Kerch peninsula are reported to be especially efficient, tens of Russian planes are reported to be shut down with these missiles. In addition, dozens Russian military aircraft made ​​an emergency landing on the territory of Turkey and Romania. Turkish and Romanian authorities had arrested the aircrafts and the crew. The marine battleship took place near Sevastopol. Addording to the satellite images, all transport ships arrived from Novorossiysk are sunk by direct hits of the medium-range missiles. However, the transfer of more and more new armored units through Kerch channel continues.

20. Administration of the Russian President.
The Russian military forces continue the anti-terrorist operation to force Ukraine to peace. The operation advances successfully. Hundreds of enemy aircrafts are destroyed. The Ukrainian military base terrorists at Kerch Peninsula are eliminated with the strategic medium-range missiles. Unfortunately, the American navigation system happened to he blocked-out from the use by the Russian missiles, at very beginning of the operation. Fortunately, the Russian armed forces have sufficient amount of missiles for secure destruction of targets, even at the failure of the satellite guidance systems. Advancing Russian troops is a little bit slowed down due to the terrorists who made numerous barricades of burning tires and launch the Molotov cocktails to the Russian peace-keepers. The terrorists fill the cisterns of the fire department with kerosine and fire the Russian military vehicles. We happened to be not prepared for such kind of terroristic attack and have to destroy all the fire department seised but the terrorists. Vladimir Putin stressed Russia uncompromising stance against terrorists. "We will pursue terrorists everywhere - on land, in the sky and the sea. And if we find them on the beach, then we have them on the beach", - Putin said. Armed Forces of Ukraine have to surrender. Otherwise their strategic object will undergo the carpet bombing - cities Kiev Lvov and Kharkov, and dams and Muromsko and Kahovsk reservoirs. It is expected that very soon the Ukrainian missile defence capabilities will be exhausted and the enemy surrenders. Administration of the President hopes for international understanding and peace support efforts of the Russian Federation in conflict with Ukrainian terrorists.
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2014.01.29. http://minprom.ua/news/145152.html США исключают возможность вторжения России в Украину. Бывшие послы США в Украине Стивен Пайфер и Джон Хербст исключают возможность военного вторжения России на территорию Украины. Об этом они сказали во время видеоконференции "Евромайдан: на что способны США". Послы ответили на вопрос о том, что будут делать США в случае военного вторжения России в Украину. "Я думаю, что вряд ли российские военные совершат вторжение, и считаю, что в России есть люди, которые будут предостерегать тех, кто поддерживает вторжение. Поэтому я считаю, что прямого военного вторжения России не будет", - сказал С.Пайфер.

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2014.02.22. http://gazeta.sebastopol.ua/2014/02/23/na-vjezde-v-sevastopol-ustanovili-protivotankovye-ezhi/ На въезде в Севастополь установили противотанковые ежи. 23 февраля 2014 года, 10:45.

2014.02.24. http://avmalgin.livejournal.com/4353724.html На самом деле основные события сейчас будут разворачиваться в Крыму, Февраль 24, 2014, 10:01 am. В Керчи днем 23 февраля прошел митинг пророссийских сил, участники которого потребовали выхода Крыма из состава Украины и подняли над зданием мэрии российский флаг. ..

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2014.02.24. http://novayagazeta-ug.ru/news/u217/2014/02/24/42859 В Севастополе создают силовые отряды самообороны из добровольцев. Председатель партии "Русский блок" Г. Басов заявил о создании в городе силовых отрядов самообороны из вызвавшихся добровольцами, - сообщают СМИ.

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http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/10657067/US-tells-Russia-to-keep-troops-out-of-Ukraine-as-Crimea-flashpoint-looms.html Ben Farmer. US tells Russia to keep troops out of Ukraine as Crimea flashpoint looms. 8:39PM GMT 23 Feb 2014.

2014.02.24. http://argumenti.ru/politics/2014/02/321587 США опасаются военного вмешательства России в Крым. 24 февраля 2014, 10:38.

2014.02.24. http://www.nr2.ru/kiev/486190.html Власти Севастополя заявили о своей лояльности к новой власти в Киеве Председатель горгосадминистрации Яцуба ушел в отставку 24.02.14 16:53. .. Отметим, что в воскресенье в Севастополе состоялся массовый митинг, в ходе которого был избран так называемый "мэр", которым стал гражданин России Алексей Чалый. Участники акции заявляли об отказе перечислять свои налоги в Киев..

2014.02.24. http://lenta.ru/news/2014/02/24/alert Лидер украинских националистов объявил об угрозе российского вторжения. 16:31, 24 февраля 2014. Лидер националистической партии "Свобода" Олег Тягнибок опасается военного вторжения России в Севастополь. Об этом, как передает "РБК-Украина", он заявил 24 февраля в Верховной Раде. "Мы получили информацию о том, что к Севастополю уже подтягиваются военные силы России. В частности, корабли морской пехоты", - подчеркнул он. Тягнибок также сообщил, что, по последним данным, объявленный новыми властями в розыск президент Виктор Янукович находится в Севастополе. "Поэтому такое вторжение РФ может быть осуществлено с целью поддержки Януковича. Но это может быть началом войны с Россией", - резюмировал депутат. Ранее 24 февраля премьер-министр РФ Дмитрий Медведев назвал сложившуюся на Украине ситуацию опасной для национальных интересов России. Глава правительства добавил, что Москва всерьез беспокоится за жизнь и здоровье своих граждан на Украине. За день до этого российский МИД отозвал посла в Киеве Михаила Зурабова для консультаций.

2014.02.25. http://zyalt.livejournal.com/1010033.html Ilya Varlamov. Украина без Крыма? 2014-02-25 08:25:00

2014.02.25. http://www.unian.net/politics/889389-saakashvili-rasskazal-o-bezumnyih-planah-putina-v-otnoshenii-kryima.html Саакашвили рассказал о "безумных планах" Путина в отношении Крыма. 25.02.2014 | 08:00.

2014.02.25. http://namarsh-ru.livejournal.com/7783717.html Александр Аверин. "Другая Россия" объявляет о создании Общества любителей крымского туризма. 2014-02-25 11:08:00. Ещё линки, добавляемые позже http://grani.ru/Politics/Russia/Parliament/Duma/m.225468.html Не по-детски, а по-судетски Депутаты Госдумы: Россия начинает выдачу паспортов жителям Крыма. 25.02.2014. http://www.aroundspb.ru/finnish/docs/dir0note.php В. МОЛОТОВ. НОТА правительства СССР, врученная посланнику Финляндии по поводу провокационного обстрела советских войск финляндскими воинскими частями 26 ноября 1939 г. "Известия", Nil 273 (7043) от 27 ноября 1939 г. По сообщению Генерального Штаба Красной Армии сегодня, 26 ноября, в 15 часов 45 минут, наши войска, расположенные на Карельском перешейке у границы Финляндии, около села Майнила, были неожиданно обстреляны с финской территории артиллерийским огнем. Всего было произведено семь орудийных выстрелов, в результате чего убито трое рядовых и один младший командир, ранено семь рядовых и двое из командного состава. Советские войска, имея строгое приказание не поддаваться провокации, воздержались от ответного обстрела. ..


http://news.bigmir.net/article/world/144239/ Корабль ВМФ России случайно обстрелял поселок в Ленобласти. 29 мая´09 12:16. .. Очевидцы, в свою очередь, утверждают, что корабль произвел от девяти до пятнадцати выстрелов из автоматической пушки.

http://www.vesti.ru/doc.html?id=288801 Противолодочный корабль случайно обстрелял дачный посёлок. 29.05.2009. .. в правоохранительных органах Ленинградской области "Интерфаксу" рассказали, что в четверг около 16 часов в дежурную часть милиции поступило сообщение о том, что утром из акватории Финского залива в районе мыса Флотский военный корабль произвел около 14 выстрелов из корабельного орудия калибром, предположительно, около 100 мм. // .. Снаряды, выпущенные с неустановленного корабля, разорвались в воздухе в районе садоводства "Зеленая роща" Выборгского района Ленинградской области. ..

http://podrobnosti.ua/power/2014/02/25/961114.html Россия считает Януковича легитимным президентом, - представитель Госдумы. 25 февраля 2014 | 19:01. Россия по-прежнему считает Виктора Януковича легитимным президентом Украины и ставит под вопрос решения, которые принимает Верховная рада, председатель комитета Госдумы по делам СНГ, евроинтеграции и связям с соотечественниками// Леонид Слуцкий. "Мы считаем, что Янукович по-прежнему легитимный президент. Он не подписывал закон о (возврате к) конституции 2004 года, а значит все решения, принимаемые Верховной радой, под большим вопросом", - сказал Слуцкий в Симферополе на встрече с представителями культурных, общественных и политических объединений Крыма, во вторник, 25 февраля..

http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/russia-deploys-ships-troops-ukraines-crimea-raising-tensions-1437762 Vasudevan Sridharan. Ukraine Crisis: Russia Deploys Ships and Troops in Crimea. February 25, 2014 07:02 AM GMT. .. Russia is believed to be deploying military ships carrying troops in the disputed autonomous Crimea region of Ukraine, as Moscow continues to refuse to recognise the interim administration which has taken control of Kiev.// Reports suggest the movement of Russia's large landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov, with at least 200 soldiers onboard, at the Russian Black Sea Fleet's base at Sevastopol.// The ship is said to be accompanied by at least four other vessels with an unknown number of Special Forces Troops onboard, sailing from the Russian port of Anapa to the Crimean/Ukrainian Sevastopol.// Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of the nationalist Ukrainian Svoboda, said he has proof of the movement in the form of a text message.// Citing security sources in Crimea, Tyahnybok said: "I can show sms. Today at 12:00 foreseen arrival of Temryuk port in the Russian Federation in the city of Sevastopol large landing ship 'Nikolai Fil'chenkov' from the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.// "It [the ship] takes about 200 armed soldiers [and] 328 separate battalion of Marines, who are based in Temryuk and 10 BTR-80 [armoured personnel carriers]."// Russia's base in Sevastopol is already believed to shelter about 26,000 troops.

http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/02/25/russias_ambassador_says_moscow_wont_send_troops_to_ukraine.html Russia's ambassador says Moscow won't send troops to Ukraine. 2014.02.26. Russia's ambassador to Canada says talk about the possibility of Russian troops invading Ukraine is nonsense. Georgiy Mamedov says it's an insult to the intelligence of Canadians to even suggest that might happen in light of recent events in Kyiv. Harper government suggested that Canada could impose sanctions against Russia if it were to interfere in Ukraine.


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