Russian National Guard

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Russian National Guard (Нацгвардия) is special king of armed troops created in 2016 in Russia to defend the fuhrer against revolutioners.

Need of the Russian National Guard

Need to have special troops follows from the fact of the messy election fraud; the estimate show, that only few percent of population support Vladimir Putin and his party Edro. Of order of 50% of ballots counted in favour of the fuhrer and his party seem to be just fake, fraud, organised by Vladimir Churov, the head of the Russian Central Election committee.

The Russian National Guard should help fuhrer to suppress protests, caused by inflation, collapse of economics, declarations of absence of money in the Russian budget and huge enormous sums revealed at the of-shores accounts of the top of the Putin administration, and, In particular, those mentioned in the Panama Papers.

In such a way, the Russian National Guards appears as the king's men", that defend the fuhrer and his alias against the Russian people. This concept shows very good agreement with evidences of the election fraud in Russia published, as and with evidence of terroristic activity of the Russian Duma and that of the Russian Fuhrer Vladimir Putin. The concept also agrees with the general concept about Russia of century 21, that corruption there becomes common, usual phenomenon that characterises the entire life of the Russian officials.

Significance of the subject

The Russian National Guard seems to be very important institute, that is expected to consume significant part of the Russian state budget and to predetermine the life in Russia.

The Russian National Guards get extraordinary permissions for detention, searching, plundering properties, and even firing to the people without corresponding resolution of any court. Practically, they happen to be above the Law, out of law, and in this sense, out of legislation.

The Russian National Guards are expected to be extremely secret (only one name of the National Guard is announced, name of its head Viktor Zolotov) and very numerous, some millions guards are estimated.

Conflict with other kinds of Russian troops

The Russian National Guard is expected to be in deep conflict with other kinds of Russian military troops, police and KGB. These conflicts may lead to the war ("cold war" or even "hot war") between various Russian almost official and semi-criminal armed groups. One of possible results of such a war is considered in utopia Семидесятый меридиан (in Russian). Some links with forecast of the future development of Russia are collected in article Collapse of RF.


  1. Зачем России понадобилась Нацгвардия. 06 апреля 2016, 21:25.

2016.06.12. Kseniya Kirillova. New round of “Game of Thrones” in the Russian Special Services. 2016/06/12. Quite a bit has been written about the opposition to Putin’s recently created National Guard under the leadership of General Viktor Zolotov, former commanding officer of Interior Ministry troops. Political analyst Andrey Piontkovksiy gave the best analysis of the conflict, pointing out that the creation of the new structure signals that the President of Russia lost confidence in his one-time closest ally – the Federal Security Service (FSB).


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Апокал, Семидесятый меридиан,