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Scientific fact (Научный факт) is Scientific concept, that has no competitors at least in some range of its applicability.

Scientific fact satisfies the TORI axioms and, in addition, is main concept qith respect to any other known concepts that are cover the same range of applicability.


Before the heliocentric system of Universe, the geocentric system by Ptolemy is scientific fact.

Before the experiments with nuclear reactions, the concept of conservation of number of atoms of each kind in a closed system is scientific fact.

While the artificial life is not created in a laboratory from non–living materials, Biogenesis is Scientific fact. This applies even to the most radical form of Biogenesis: The life at the Earth is created by God, and there is no other way to create life from non–lining objects.

Until creation (and reporting) of the Quantum mechanics and the Special theory of relativity, the Classical mechanics is scientific fact.

The system of axioms of Arithmetics is scientific fact. The hypothesis of existence of the big number, called the Mizugadro number, such that the Arithmetics axiom lead to a contradiction being applied to this number, is considered in article Mizugadro number(dream) [1].

However, the hypothesis of existence of the Mizugadro number is not a Scientific concept. It does not satisfy the Second TORI axiom, it is not refutable. We cannot prove the self-consistency of the system of axioms of Arithmetics.

The hypothesis of existence and uniqueness of tetration is scientific fact. Tetration \(\mathrm{tet}\) is holomorphic solution of equation \(\exp(\mathrm{tet}(z))=\mathrm{tet}(z\!+\!1)\), satisfying certain additional conditions (see Superfunctions) [2][3].

Causality is Scientific fact. Every event can be described as result of events that happen before it.

3494F737-C5C6-4508-A5E4-F5F93C21BA79 mw800 mh600 s.jpg

Concept that the Nevsky Express bombing in 2009 had been performed upon approval of Edro, is scientific fact, at least until another scientific concept is suggested to explain, how the Edros could submit the statements about the mass memorial meetings about that catastrophe before the catastrophe. In such a way, the causality principle indicates, that the crash of the Nevsly Express happened as result of the terroristic act.

Concept about corruption of the Putins election committees is scientific fact. These committees perform the election fraud; no other scientific concept is available to explain the appearance of the reports about the fraud [4][5][6][7].

Tu154m 101 pic3.jpg

Concept, that the KGB agents are involved in the organisation of the Katyn–2 catastrophe, is Sceintific fact. No other concept is available to describe the mutual contradictions in the official statements about that catastrophe published. The officials related to the catastrophe had been insisted on different numbers of the landing attempts precedent to the crash; and even the moment of crash indicated varies from one statement to another; the deviation of the estimates is of order of 15 minutes. Such an uncertainty could correspond to scientific level of century 16, before the construction of precise clocks, but not to century 21. According to publications, the research group handled by Vladimir Putin did not interested at all the apparent contradictions; none of the administrators had been interrogated about these contradictions. The key questions about the catastrophe were not answered in the final report of the research group. The only way to explain this is sabotage of the research group and the airport personnel. No other scientific concept to explain their strange behaviour is available.


Concept Putin killed Nemtsov is scientific fact. No other scientific concept is available to describe the behaviour of criminalists, who investigated the case. The criminalists could not answer the key questions about the case; then just ignored the disappearance of videorecords of the crime made by the monitoring cameras placed at the Kremlin wall and at the posts of the Nemtsov bridge. Such a sabotage has no other explanation. This indicates, confirms, verifies, proves the involvement of Vladimir Putin in that murder.

Involvement of KGB in the organisation of catastrophe of airplane A321, performed рейс7k9268 and crashed 2015.10.31 at the Sinai, is scientific fact. No other concept is available to describe absence of the videorecords of the crash by the monitoring cameras on board, that were supposed to transfer the images to the ground stations in real time. Nor the ignorance of that absence by the research group is explained by other concepts about that crash.

Irrefutable facts and terminology


In TORI terminology, no one scientific fact can be irrefutable.


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