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that can be used as excuses for the crimes of the [[KGB]] agents, members of the Soviet Communist party ([[KPSS]]) and, in particular, soviet [[gensek]]s.
that can be used as excuses for the crimes of the [[KGB]] agents, members of the Soviet Communist party ([[KPSS]]) and, in particular, soviet [[gensek]]s.
Similar meaning has term [[Soviet concept of history]].
Term [[Soviet concept of history]] has similar meaning.
==Postulates of [[Sovetism]]==
==Postulates of [[Sovetism]]==

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Sovetskoe.jpg Soviet means best! [1]

Sovetism (Sovietism, советизм) is religion of the soviet fascism; it is based on the doctrines of bolshevism. Sovietism postulates the efficiency of the so-called socialistic economics, prudence and honesty of the Soviet leaders, existing of freedom and democracy in the USSR and other statements, that can be used as excuses for the crimes of the KGB agents, members of the Soviet Communist party (KPSS) and, in particular, soviet genseks.

Term Soviet concept of history has similar meaning.

Postulates of Sovetism

As any other religions, sovetism is based on the certain set of postulates. They are more numerous, than the TORI axioms are. Some of thesis of Sovietism are listed below.

1. The Soviet Union, since its inception, has pursued a peaceful foreign policy.

2. On the ground, in air, and at sea, the Red Army is the strongest and can easily defeat any enemy with little blood, by a single mighty blow.

3. The advantages of the socialist mode of production provide the Soviet citizens with a higher standard of living, than that in any capitalist country.

4. 1941.06.22, fascist Germany treacherously and suddenly attacked the peaceful USSR. But the Soviet people, at the cost of great sacrifices, defeated German fascism.

5. Hungarian citizens are grateful to the Soviet Union for fraternal assistance in 1956 in protecting the gains of socialism.

6. Soviet means excellent.

7. Citizen and residents of the USSR have all the civil rights and freedoms; in the USSR, everyone is equal before the law.

8. The Soviet republics, that form the USSR, are equal in their rights; they may exit from the USSR, but remain in the USSR voluntarily. The interaction between these republics is based on friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation.

9. Gagarin Yuri Alekseevich flew into space. He was the first men in cosmos.

10. Czechs and Slovaks are grateful to the Soviet Union for fraternal assistance in 1968 in defending the gains of socialism.

11. The Soviet people managed to defeat the corruption, that is typical of the capitalist countries. Honesty and prudence are the norms of life of Soviet people.

12. The USSR is the most advanced country in the world. It has the most advanced science, technology and culture. The USSR is indestructible, it will always exist.

13. The current generation of Soviet people will live in a communist society.

14. The Communism is the bright future of all mankind.

15. In 1979, Soviet troops, at the request of Afghan leader Amin, entered Afghanistan to fulfill their international duty and to help the Afghan people.

16. The Soviet ruble is the most solid, stable and reliable currency.

17. The peoples of Afghanistan are grateful to the Soviet people for fraternal help in overthrowing the anti-people government of Amin in 1980-1985.

18. The Soviet Union is a peaceful country and a world leader in the struggle for world peace.

19. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the mind, honor and conscience of our era.

20. Soviet leaders by themselves show examples of patriotism and courage in the struggle of the Soviet people for the ideals of communism.

21. Even if there is anything bad or wrong in the USSR or in the post-Soviet Russia, it is isolated and non-typical case.

22. Critics, who express doubts in the thesis above, are anticommunists and anti-Soviet; they should be punished.

As any kind of axioms, discussion of postulates of sovietism is not allowed within sovietism. Any doubt is postulates of sovetism, any deviation from the postulates, as well as doubts in the good will of the Soviet leaders, furriers is denoted with term Antisovetism (or Antisovietism). In particular, in Sovetism, it is pohibited to discuss possibility of collapse of the USSR; it is prohibited to estimate, when the Soviet Union may collapse; it is prohibited to share information about any contradiction between thesis of Sovetism and the direct observations; even such observations themselves are qualified as anti-Soviet propaganda, as antisovetism.


As many other religions, sovietism does not tolerate its own critics. Sovietism postulates, that it is the only true concept, and any alternative concepts are qualified as antisovietism. In the same way, during the USSR, any doubts in the postulates of Sovietism are treated.

During USSR, adepts of sovietism, Soviet veterans use to kill, to eliminate any heresy, any doubts in their postulates. The Soviet veterans keep in secret the most important historic documents, that reveal the scale of their crime. Estimate show, that during the USSR, the Soviet veterans kill of order of 10^8 people, mainly their compatriots, id est, of order of half of population of the USSR and Soviet colonies. Sovietism either negate the fact of the Soviet repression, or suggest estamates, for orders of magnitude lower, than that, suggested in article Большевики убили почти всех (in Russian).

Postulates of Sovietism contradict the direct observations. In addition, Sovietism has many internal contradictions; it is not self-consistent. For this reason, any historic concept, related to USSR, Russia or communism, is unavoidably anti-Soviet, id est, kind of antisovetism.


Sovietism appear as kind of fascism; russian fascism or Soviet fascism.

All the necessary components, specified in definition of fascism, are seem in documents by the Soviet veterans. In particular, this refers to the apology of genocide, national discrimination, deportation, censorship, propaganda and mass terror.

The specific feature of sovietism, that it allows anybody to be chosen as victim; even communists, even bolsheviks are not exception. In this sense, sovietism appear as apology of cannibalism.

As other fascists, the Soviet veterans do not recognise their concepts of sovietism as kind of fascism, nor as a kind of religion; they pretend, that their ideology is some kind of science. However, Sovietism is not science, as it contradicts the TORI axioms.




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Большевики убили почти всех, "Все чиновники - воры, подонки"