Yurii Chaika

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Russian warplane with hidden signs of identifivation of country [2]

Yurii Chaika (Чайка Юрий Яковлевич, 1951.05.21) is Soviet veteran, Russian top procurer, corruptioner, believed to protect terrorists, abusing his duties.

Terror and sabotage

The messy election fraud in Russia is reported.

The Election fraud pushes up to the Russian administration the most cruel, most corrupted criminals of the country. The protection of top procuror is badly needed to cover all the election frauds; so, nobody had expected Chaika to be a honest person. [3][4][5].

Investigation of the "loud" terroristic acts could nor be stopped without permission and coordination by Chaika (nor without permission and order of Vladimir Putin) Evidences of protection of the terrorists at the top level of Russian administration are collected in articles Bombing of Nevskij express, Katyn–2 and Putin killed Nemtsov.

In 2015, Aleksey Navalny publishes the evidence of the terroristic activity and sabotage of Chaika. [6].

Historic background

Chaika spends his childhood in the country of fascism and slavery, USSR. This affects his mentality, his ability interpret the official paradigms and compare them to the observations. In such a way, the accusation in the participation of Chaika in the terroristic group does not look as anything unexpected.

State sponsor of terrorism

The reports about criminal, terroristic activity of Chaika agrees with the more general concept about total corruption of all the Russian administration. [7][8]

The total corruption of the Russian administration predetermines its orientation to the total terror, as it took place in the USSR. Indeed, many typical Soviet customs are observed in Russia of century 21. Some links on this topic are collected it article Back in the USSR. Many people think, that it is necessary to Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism. [9].

The general concept above agrees also with publications about Russian invasion into Georgia (2008), Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014)and Russian invasion into Syria (2015). In Syria, the Russian warplanes are reported to carry no signs that would identify their belonging to any country and to bomb the civil objects. [10].

Covering of other frauds

Several pseudo–scientific frauds in Russia of century 21 are widely known.

Many cases of apparent plagiarism had been revealed by the non–commercial organisation dissernet, not by the procurature under supervision of Chaika.

Cases of apparent fraud with "inventions" that claim to violate the basic concept of physics caused no interest of Chaika. Sone links on these cases are collected in articles Gravitsapa and Квантовый структурный преобразователь (For the last, yet no English version is loaded).

Explanations by Chaika

2015.12.14, the explanations by Chaika with respect to accuzations by Navalny, appear; the original, in Russian, is copypasted in the Russian version of this article, Чайка Юрий Яковлевич. Bill Brow­der qualify them a inconsistent [11].

Navalny also comments the reply of Chaika. Several authors note, that, Chaika does not discuss (nor refute) any of the accusations; Chaika discuss only persons, who, his point of view, could help Navalny in his investigation.



Due to the total corruption of the Russian administration, the official consideration of crimes of Chaika in Russia may be difficult, if at all.

Тhe links are collected in TORI with scientific purposes and scientific interest.

Тhe evidences of the terroristic activity and sabotage of family of Chaika should no be interpreted as justification of any terroristic acts against Chaika and his family.


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