Coronavirus as bioweapon

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Coronavirus as bioweapon (Коронавирус как биологическое оружие) is hypothesis, scientific concept about pandemic covid19 of coronavirus in years 2019-2020.
This hypothesis assumes, that the new version of coronavirus, caused the pandemic, is result of applicaiton of bioweapon.


In the simplest version, the concept Coronavirus as bioweapon implies, that terrorists from the top of the totally corrupted Russian administration, promote the secret development of bioweapon and apply it since year 2019 for the personal profit and for the geopolitical reasons, a part of their total hybrid war against the human civilization.

The alternative hypothesis Coronavirus as accident implies, that the pandemic covid19 of coronavirus in years 2019-2020 raises from some accidental leak of experimental coronavirus from some research laboratory of from an accidental transfer of some accidental mutation of coronavirus from animals to humans.

Evidences in favor of each of these two concepts are collected and interpreted in TORI.

This article collects references in favor of concept Coronavirus as bioweapon.


2019.08.16, explosion of non-identified device is reported at Novosibirsk [1].


2019.09.16.Explosion at the GNC Vector (Novosibirsk, Russia) is considered as beginning of pandemic of coronavirus.

2019.09.15, at the Russian organization GNC Vector, the explosion happens. At the 5th floor od the laboratory building, one "ballon" explodes, breaking windows in the building. The explosion caused fire. One injured (of 33 year old) is reported. [2][3]

The "ballon" is recognized as a secret device, because, one month later, 2019.10.16, it is not mentioned in the official publication by the investigation committee [4]. The explosion is also not mentioned, but the victim is reported to be heavily injured. The publications make impression, that he dead before the investigation committee could identify him.

The publications (more correctly, the absence publications) about that injured person indicate, that his co–workers, his family, his friends and his neighbors also got fatal amount of infection and read the same 2019 year; so, they could not give any explanation to journalists.

The special devices designed to spread the pathogenic substance, are described in utopia entitled Constellation Erectus (Созвездие Эректуса) by Rosov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (Розов Александр Александрович). It mentions difficulties with the dismantling and disposal of such devices. If such a device explode were in the real world, at GNC Vector 2019.09.16, then, the observed kinds of publications sholld be observed: first, the news about the explosion; then, the secrecy about the device exploded and secrecy about the victims and their co–workers, relatives, their friends and their neighbors (who alsi die within a month).

2019 October-November Pneumonia at Siberia

In two weeks since the 2019.09.16 explosion, the spreading of pneumonia at Siberia is reported.

2019.10.01, quarantines at Orenburg and Khabarovsk region are reoported [5][6]

2019.10.04, at Siberian city Nadym, two schools are closed for quarantine. The Russian officials are reported to ignore calls by journalists, apparently trying to hide information about the epidemic. [7][8]

2019.10.28, tens of kindergartens and schools are restricted in activity due to the quarantine. [9]

2019.11.19, Julia Onishenko (Юлия Онищенко) indicates, that the amount of cases of pneumonia grows in the all country and the hospitals are overfilled with the patients. [10]

2019 Wuhan

After to see spreading of the epidemic in Siberia, the terrorists deliver the infection to Wuhan (China) [11]

The Russian and China news agencies are reported to Spread Coronavirus Disinformation [12]

Russian administration control the spreading of infection

The Russian officials are reported to control the spreading of infection.

The patients at the quarantine are reported to undergo danger of infection due to the poor living conditions (cold) and contacts with other dangerous patients. [13]

Motivation of terrorists

Since the first publications that discuss Coronavirus as bioweapon, the question arises: what motivation could have terrorists ("Bosirov and Petrov") from the pandemic?

For 2020 April, several such motivations are already revealed.

Plundering of properties of small business

Pandemic of coronavirus bring benefits for the big business owned by proxies of the top of the Russian administration. The pandemic causes the avalanche of bankrupting small business, helping to top of the Russian administration to buy the properties for symbolic prices. In such a way, the pandemic boosts the concentration of capital in hands of the top of the Russian administration.

Since 2020 March, the Russian administration declare the "regime of self–isolation". This regime prohibits the labour activity of self-employed citizen and small private business, forcing the owners of the business to pay salary to the employee from some non-identified funds. Practically, this drops the small business to the fatal debt gap, and force the bankrupting of any small business. The exception may refer to the industry, that works as a money laundering for the richest crimes in the Russian administration.

The protests about such a policy of the Russian government cause protests. Holding Miratorg is indicated as beneficial of the coronavirus selfisolation policy. [14][15]


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  13. Зина Кашина. Постояльцы питерского обсерватора жалуются на соседство с неконтролируемыми душевнобольными. 2020.05.08. Пациентки с отрицательными анализами на коронавирус, оказавшись в питерском обсерваторе «ЛенЭкспо», что в Василеостровском районе, пожаловались на соседство с ковидположительными и неконтролируемыми душевнобольными. Женщины в ужасе от условий для проживания. Их отправили сюда на «долечивание» пневмонии, однако есть риск лишь усугубить болезнь, так как здесь жутко холодно, а передачки (даже всего лишь с теплыми вещами) под строжайшим запретом.// «Спим как в примерочной, только вот шторки нет»// Первой о ситуации в обсерваторе рассказала Оксана Кутафина-Шишлова. 21 апреля женщина попала в больницу с двусторонней пневмонией, через 7 дней она сдала мазок на ковид, который оказался отрицательным, тогда ее выписали на «долечивание», но не домой, а в обсервацию, где она оказалась подвержена еще большей опасности заражения. Девушку возмущает не только тот факт, что открытый для заражённых госпиталь совмещён с местом пребывания уже выздоровевших людей, но и отсутствие средств защиты у пациентов.// «Людей с отрицательными мазками везут к людям, которые лечатся, которые только что заболели , которые лежат без масок в непроветриваемом ангаре , с подвальной вонью, с общими для всех туалетами и душевыми. Попадая сюда, вы как бы не хотели, вынуждены контактировать с Covidными. Вы ничем не огорожены. Спим как в примерочной, только вот шторки нет» — пишет разгневанная петербурженка в социальных сетях.
  14. Бургерные бронируют столики. Помещения закрывшихся ресторанов могут отойти сети «Мираторга». Газета "Коммерсантъ" №78 от 29.04.2020, стр. 7. Кризис на ресторанном рынке создает не только проблемы, но и возможности. Так, холдинг «Мираторг» ускоряет темпы развития сети «Бургер & Фрайс», рассчитывая занять самые удачные точки, которые придется покинуть другим рестораторам. Эта стратегия идет вразрез с договоренностями участников рынка, которые согласились в текущей ситуации временно не занимать площади конкурентов. ..
  15. «Мираторг» откроет бургерные в центре Москвы на месте закрытых ресторанов. 2002, 29 апреля, 04:11. Холдинг «Мираторг» планирует расширить собственную сеть бургерных «Бургер&Фрайс» в центре Москвы. Как пишет «Коммерсантъ» со ссылкой на собственные источники на рынке коммерческой недвижимости, под новые точки будут использоваться помещения, которые покинули другие рестораторы после закрытия из-за коронавируса. .. действия «Мираторга» идут вразрез с опубликованной Федерацией рестораторов и отельеров декларацией, участники которой, в частности, обязались не занимать в течение года с момента возобновления работы помещения друг друга. На 28 апреля декларацию подписало более 1000 человек, владеющих 8200 заведениями. Сеть «Бургер&Фрайс» в числе подписантов не значится. The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‑19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‑CoV‑2).[6] The outbreak was identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.[4][7] The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January, and a pandemic on 11 March.[8][9] As of 8 May 2020, more than 3.93 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported in over 187 countries and territories, resulting in more than 274,000 deaths. More than 1.31 million people have recovered.[5] Rapid reconstruction of SARS-CoV-2 using a synthetic genomics platform. Posted February 21, 2020. Tran Thi Nhu Thao, Fabien Labroussaa, Nadine Ebert, Philip V’kovski, Hanspeter Stalder, Jasmine Portmann, Jenna Kelly, Silvio Steiner, View ORCID ProfileMelle Holwerda, Annika Kratzel, Mitra Gultom, Laura Laloli, Linda Hüsser, Manon Wider, Stephanie Pfaender, Dagny Hirt, Valentina Cippà, Silvia Crespo-Pomar, Simon Schröder, Doreen Muth, Daniela Niemeyer, Marcel A. Müller, Christian Drosten, View ORCID ProfileRonald Dijkman, Joerg Jores, Volker Thiel doi: Reverse genetics has been an indispensable tool revolutionising our insights into viral pathogenesis and vaccine development. Large RNA virus genomes, such as from Coronaviruses, are cumbersome to clone and to manipulate in E. coli hosts due to size and occasional instability1-3. Therefore, an alternative rapid and robust reverse genetics platform for RNA viruses would benefit the research community. Here we show the full functionality of a yeast-based synthetic genomics platform for the genetic reconstruction of diverse RNA viruses, including members of the Coronaviridae, Flaviviridae and Paramyxoviridae families. Viral subgenomic fragments were generated using viral isolates, cloned viral DNA, clinical samples, or synthetic DNA, and reassembled in one step in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using transformation associated recombination (TAR) cloning to maintain the genome as a yeast artificial chromosome (YAC). T7-RNA polymerase has been used to generate infectious RNA, which was then used to rescue viable virus. Based on this platform we have been able to engineer and resurrect chemically-synthetized clones of the recent epidemic SARS-CoV-24 in only a week after receipt of the synthetic DNA fragments. The technical advance we describe here allows to rapidly responding to emerging viruses as it enables the generation and functional characterization of evolving RNA virus variants - in real-time - during an outbreak. DARIA LITVINOVA. ‘We’re expendable’: Russian doctors face hostility, mistrust. May 21, 2020. MOSCOW (AP) — There are no daily public displays of gratitude for Russian doctors and nurses during the coronavirus crisis like there are in the West. Instead of applause, they face mistrust, low pay and even open hostility. // Residents near the National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology, a Moscow hospital now treating virus patients, complained when they saw medical workers walking out of the building in full protective gear, fearing the workers would spread contagion. // “Maybe once the disease knocks on the door of every family, then the attitude to medics will change,” said Dr. Alexander Gadzyra, a surgeon who works exhausting shifts. // In this photo taken on Monday, May 18, 2020, Dr. Irina Vaskyanina adjusts a face mask to protect against coronavirus during her interview with the Associated Press in front of a hospital in Reutov, just outside Moscow, Russia. Vaskyanina headed a department handling blood transfusions at a hospital in Reutov, outside Moscow, and spent weeks fighting for better working conditions after 40 of her colleagues got infected with the virus and dozens quit. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)// Antipathy toward the medical profession is widespread in Russia, said social anthropologist Alexandra Arkhipova, who studies social media posts peddling virus conspiracy theories. More than 100 theories she studied say doctors diagnose COVID-19 cases so they can get more money; others say they help the government cover up the outbreak.// “It’s a crisis of trust that the epidemic underscored,” she said. “I haven’t seen this attitude anywhere else.”// Trust in government institutions has always been low in Russia, according to opinion polls, and most of its hospitals are state-run.// Russia is struggling in the pandemic, with over 300,000 infections and 2,972 deaths. The government has disputed critics who have questioned the relatively low number of fatalities.// Official statements and news reports in more than 70 Russian regions show that at least 9,479 medical workers have been infected with the virus in the past month, and more than 70 have died. Health care workers believe the death toll to be much higher and they have compiled a list of more than 250.// Dr. Irina Vaskyanina said at least 40 workers are infected at a hospital in Reutov, outside Moscow, where she headed a department handling blood transfusions.


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