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Term Federast (Федераст) denotes the member of the Russian Soviet of Federation, one of the top legislative council that approve the projects of new laws in Russia.

Term Federast is created in analogy with term Liberast (Либераст) used in the pro-Putin propaganda to denote dissidents and other Russian citizen, who insist on fulfilment of Russian and international lows at the territory of Russia.

Corruption and terror

Due to the total corruption in Russia, federates are supposed to be crimes, terrorists. In particular, they approve the Herod law (that use children as hostages), Russian invasion into Georgia, Russian invasion into Ukraine, Russian invasion into Syria, and other laws that are aimed to the further expanding of the corruption and the dictatorship of the Fuhrer.



Corruption, Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism, Dumak, Election fraud, Propaganda, Russia, Soviet of Federation,