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Identity theft (Враная идентичность) is kind of fraud characterised in that, that crime pretends to be someone else in order to perform the dangerous activity (usually other kinds of crime: murdering, terror, money laundering, etc..

Often, the Identity theft implies use of the fake documents for somebody else's name; may be, for the name of a non–existing person.

Identity theft is popular among the KGB agents and representatives of other terroristic organisation.

Bitner and Isaenko

In 2018, in Russia, the two strange persons appear:
Anastasia Bitner (Битнер Анастасия Сергеевна and
Daria Isaenko (Исаенко Дарья Владимировна). They provide the fake eye-witness for the political repressions against civilians that not loyal to Fuhrer and/or RPC (РПЦ, Russian orthodox church). [1]

Bitner and Isaenko pretend to be students at the institute Алтайский филиал РАНХиГС. However, nobody reports to see them at that institute; they seem to appear only for accusations of bloggers (Oskorbliatstvo, Оскорблятство).

Boshirov and Petrov

ChepugaBoshirovSholkhov.jpg MishkinAleksandrEvgenievidhFragment.jpgPetrovAleksandrEvgenievich.jpg Anatoli Chepiga (Boshirov, Sholkhov)[3]; Aleksandr Mishkin (Petrov)[4]

In 2018, the "loud" example of the Identity theft appears. The two terrorists pretending to be Boshirov and Petrov, are believed to perform the 2018.03.04.Teract (2018.03.04.Теракт) at Salisbury.

The 2018.09.13.Performance shows the actors, that also pretend to be Boshirov and Petrov. The performance pretends to be an "interview" with Margarita Simonian. However, in make an impression of simulation, montage of clips, that could be filmed in different places and different times. The "Boshirov and Petrov", shown in that performance, seem to know close to nothing about the personages they pretend to be.
One of the terrorists, Ruslan Boshirov is identified as Anatoly Chepiga (Чепига Анатолий Владимирович, 1979.04.05 Николаевка, Ивановский район, Амурская область, СССР) [3].
Another terrorist, Aleksandr Petrov (Петров Александр Евгеньевич) is identified as Aleksandr Mishkin (Мишкин Александр Евгеньевич, 1979.07.13, пос. Лойга Устьянсково р-на Архангельской обл.)[4]

Both are believed to be agents of KGB ("GRU") and war criminals, participants of the Putin world war.

Тhefts with fake identities (at right) appear as a machine for Election fraud)

Election fraud

The Identity theft is committed by the crimes, that help to the election committees to perform the election fraud. The theft come with fake passports or even without documents to the election places, and the corrupted members of the election committees give them bunches of the election ballots, to be filled (or already filled) in favour of the usurpator or his party.

Massive use of the fake personalities is long-term Russian tradition; it is described by Nikolai Gogol in his poem "Dead Souls", 1842.

State sponsor of terrorism

The Identity theft is especially popular in countries with pahanat, with total corruption of all the administration, in a Pahanat (Вертикаль власти) This administration makes fаке documents for terrorists in order to sent them to other countries and to help them to avoid punishment.

The corrupted officials make fake documents for the crimes, to simplify their entrance to civilised countries. It seems, some consulates do not check, that the person, specified in the passport, really exists. In this sense, the country, its officials appear as state sponsor of terrorism.

The terrorists, after to perform extensive money laundering, form huge of-shores, change their identity and escape, "disappear", in order to continue the high-stile life in other countries.

Art and Fiction

The way, the terrorists, pretending to be Boshirov and Petrov, get the Schengen visa, is described in parody Consultant error.
For some mistic reason, the consul gives the entry permit to two strangers, that have no history at all.
They do not have relatives, neither father, nor even mother.
They did not learn in any school, nor in any University.
They did not participate in any competition, contest.
They did not assist any conference, symposium, congress.
They did not publish any book, nor any article under their names.
They never got ticket for the exceed of the speed limit wile driving, nor for the wrong (with the record at database of the Motor Vehicle division), nor any more serious accident.
They never had a car, not any property, that would suppose to appear at the official databases.
They have no telephone, that could appear at the telephone book.
In the same sense, they do not live anywhere, nor work anywhere.
Id est, they seem to be absolutely illegal, vagabonds without any record in any database.
This "non–existence" could be revealed within a minute by a robot, while scanning the fake passports of the terrorists. For some reason this did not happen; the Identity theft had not been revealed by the consulates.

In utopia Tartaria, the society of the 22th century is described. The Identity theft is considered as severe crime, dangerous for the Tartarian suverenity; so heavy crime, as murder or the election fraud.
Some crimes, killers, murderers, robbers, that declare their true identity to the Tartarian officials, are not published, because the Tartarian laws cannot be applied for actions committed before establishment of Tartaria (year 2100). But many crimes do not know or not believe, that they will not be published, if they reveal their true names. Especially, this applies to former officials, that had performed the money laundering in huge amount, and had collected enormous treasures. They are punished also for the tax evasion; together with the Identity theft, this often happen to be sufficient for the forced labor, especially, at decontamination of territory from the unstable isotopes widely spread during the Bigpuf.


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