Radical 162

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Radical 162 is set of the two Unicode characters [1]:

X2FA1 , RADICAL WALK (KanjiRadical) and
X8FB5 , LIBERAL WALK (KanjiLiberal)

At various operational systems, pictures of these two characters look identical, not distinguishable from each other; this causes confuses [2][3].

In Japanese, characters X2FA1 and X8FB5 can be pronounced as Chyacubu or ちゃくぶ, referring to move, walk, advance, street.

Characters of WalkU appear as synonyms of Radical 162.

WalkU: Car advances through water



Characters of Radical 162 have 5 single-character synonyms.

Boston-belle isle marsh.jpg
WalkOne356 1000.jpg

These synonyms are

X2ECC [4], KanjiRadical, Walk0, SIMPLIFIED WALK

X2ECD [5], KanjiRadical, Walk1, WALK ONE

X2ECE [6], KanjiRadical, Walk2, WALK TWO

X8FB6 [7], KanjiLiberal, Walk3

XFA66 [8], KanjiConfudal, Walk4

Set of the five Unicode characters above is denoted with term WalkU.
Word WalkU by itself also can be treated as synonym of X2FA1 and X8FB5 .

Pics of characters of WalkU appear at composition of pics of more complicated kanjis [1] with meanings related to those of Radical 162.


Characters of Radical 162 by themselves are not popular in Japanese texts. They used as indication to the properties of pics of other Unicode characters.

Characters of WalkU are qualified as transforms of Radical 163, transferring the meanings to the kanjis with the composite pics. Wictionary [9] suggests the list of characters with images created in this way. Pics of these characters include pics of characters .


Visually, the pics of the two characters of Radical 162 are indistinguishable. At the default fonts of various operational systems, a Human watching pics of these characters, cannot identify them.

Even a native Japanese speaker, watching character or , is unlikely to answer:
Is it X2FA1 or X8FB5?

However, the character can be identified, for example, with the PHP program du1.t or its equivalent, but such identification slows down the reading of texts, and it is impossible, dealing with a printed message.

Such a case is not specific for characters of Radical 162. In century 21, the computer support of characters of Japanese is underdeveloped.
Up to year 2021, there is no united standard for the default font, that would allow each character to look the same at various computers, but different from other characters.
Apparently, the opposite cases take place: the character looks different with the default font of different operational systems, but similar to other characters at the same computer. This causes confuses.

While pics of Radical 162 do not allow their identification, we should avoid characters that cause confusions. The special system of notations, that patches the fault of the software, is denoted with term Tarja.


Tarja appears as technical language characterized in that, that the written Japanese used as base, but, in order to avoid the confuses, all the ambiguous characters are replaced, substituted to their Romanji or Hiragana analogies.

Translation from Japanese to Tarja is easier, that to any other language.
Characters of Radical 162 can be translated in the following ways:

Chyakubu or ちゃくぶ to indicate any of meanings of Radical 162

Shinnyou or しんにょう, to refer to street, movement, or advance.

Shinnyuu or しんじゅう, naka, なか, kimasu, きます, to refers to entry, penetration, coming in.

WalkU, if any of the above

SIMPLIFIED WALK to indicate the easy movement

WALK ONE or WALK TWO to indicate number of advancing persons

X2FA1 or X8FB5 to allow the verbatim translation back into Japanese.

Tarja has sense while there is no united standard for the default fonts, that should allow each character to look the same at various operation systems, but different from other characters.


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