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Democracy (Демократия) is style of the state organisation characterised with that, that the official rulers are elected by the people and follow the Law approved by the people.

Efficient tool

Democracy seems to be more efficient than other form of the state organisation, although has many own defects. In particular, democracy implies certain level of civil education of the population. Over–vice, the will of the majority leads to discrimination, robbery of any minority (defined by any arbitrary criterion), suppression of freedom of distribution of information, censorship and Propaganda. The last two phenomena, in their turn, convert the mentality of the society to barbarian style, leading to suppression, liquidation of democracy and establishment of hardest form of dictatorship, fascism and absolute terror, not limited with any law [1][2][3].

Some attempts to establish democracy in a barbarian country may fail; some references on this phenomenon (referring to war in Iraq, 2003) are collected in article Democracy for export.

Democracy appears as efficient tool, but it implies certain skills and culture of those who use it. The democracy seem to fail in barbarian countries; the people there use it to build-up hard and destructive dictator with fascism as official ideology and fuhrer as religious symbol of worship, as God. Democracy may fail in a civilised country (as it happens in Germany in 1930x), but there are no examples of successful democracy in barbarian society.

Democracy and Russia

There are different opinions about possibility of establishing of democracy in Russia in century 21.

2009.05.06, Maksim Shapiro indicates, that the people in Russia are not ready for democracy. [4]

2016.05.24, Vladimir Kara-Murza indicates, that Russians are ready for democracy, and the only need is to stop the western support of Russian terrorists and other criminal soviet veterans, who plunder the treasure from Russia and hide it in the civilised countries. [5].

Even some ex-communists, who were members of the most fascistic organisation, KPSS, express hopes for democracy. 2017.05.20, Louis Nelson states that Michail Gorbachev states that 'Russia can succeed only through democracy' [6]


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