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2018.03.18.fraud.17082.pngChurov saw at the histogram for the 2018.03.18.Fraud with step 0.1% [4]

Churov saw (Churov comb, Пила Чурова) is statistical phenomenon in distribution of votes at the election fraud, characterised in that, that at histograms of distribution of turnout, or results of fuhrer or his party, the regular statistically significant humps appear. The humps often appear at values that are integer factor of 1% or 5%. The special case of one hump is called also Pamfilova peak; its location corresponds to value specified in the special instruction (ukazivka, указивка) distributed by the organisers of the election fraud.

Etymology of the term

Them Churov saw is literal translation of the Russian term Пила Чурова, named after the head of the Russian Central Election committee Vladimir Churov (Чуров Владимир Евгеньевич), as this phenomenon is repeatedly reproduced in the official results of "election" he conducts until year 2013.

The specific case of a single peak, "the Pamfilova peak" is named after Ella Pamfilova (Памфилова Элла Александровна), succeeder of Churov. Ella continued the same style of fraud, using carousels, fake electors, fake ballots, fake election places and fake protocols.


The Churov saw indicates, that at many election places the local election committee do not count the election ballots, but make the fake protocol with numbers, suggested in the corresponding ukazivka. Alternatively, the performance of founding of votes can be performed to satisfy the independent observer(s); but this counting do not affect the result, as the fake ballots with required result are already prepared.

In such a way, appearance of the Shurov saw (or the Pamfilova peak) indicate, that the official results of the election, announced by the Election Committee, of not depend on the way the elector fill their ballots; the official results are predetermined by the central election committee and specified in the ukazivka.


Ukazivka is instruction, prepared by the central election committee and sent to the staff of the election polices. Term ukazivka is transliteration of Russian word указивка, used to denote such a document at the coordination of the Election fraud

The goal of the local election committee is to prepare fake protocol, that corresponds to the ukazivka. The ways to follow the ukazivla includes the fake protocols. [5]

Scientific interest

The concept, that the official results of the Russial "election" are just fake, is scientific fact. At least, up to year 2018, no other concept is reported to explain the observed phenomena.

The Churov saw is typical phenomenon for the Election fraud in Russia of century 21. It is reproduced again and again, even after it is well described and published; together with other evidences of the fake character of the official results of the elections, presented by the Russian Election committee. [6][7][8].

Appearance of the Churov saw at the histograms, made for the official results of the election, indicate, that these results are fake. Popularity of the Russian Fuhrer (Vladimir Putin and his party Edro is significantly lower, than the Russian officials pretend.

There would be no reason to put in doubt the results of the election, committing the the fraud, making only few percent of fake votes. The analysis of the width of the Pamfilova peak, observation of number of votes, that counts 146% of number of electors and other observations indicate that of other of one million of electors in Russia vote for Putin and his Edro; other votes are "drawn" by the frauders at the election committees.

The estimates mentioned can be useful for the elaboration of historical concepts and, in particular, in prediction of revolutions. (At least, until 2018, the predictions of revolutions seem to be, softly speaking, not accurate.)


Publications about the Election fraud and, in particular, about the Churov saw, are collected and analysed in TORI with scientific purposes.

Evidences of the anti–Russian activity and sabotage by the Russian election committee, presented in the cited literature, should not be considered as justification of the individual targeting or terroristic acts against the frauders nor against their relatives. Only the international court (nuremberg–2) may determine the guilt of every member of the Russian election committee and sentence the appropriate punishment.



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